The Tombs of Asciiroth


Defect System Note Fixed In
Right at the end of the TOA scenario, there was a bug where you couldn't activate the transporter. This is possibly the meanest thing I've ever done to users in all my time making user interface software. all 0.6.3 Fixed. Saved games should work, this was in the logic not the data files.
when agents die via AgentDestroyer piece, no death-related color event occurs. 0.6.2 Arguable if this should happen, but decided to do it. Fixed.
doors that are part of a dual terrain tile don't receive color messages like normal doors. 0.6 The visible/active terrain embedded in a dual terrain now receives color events, as well as the dual terrain
agents that come to life from statues on mimic terrain aren't able to move. the situation i encountered was a rhindle on a piece of floor masquerading as sky. i didn't test this with any other combination. agents seem otherwise capable of walking on mimic terrain fine. 0.6 Changed agent behavior relative to mimics (they see actual terrain now and move accordingly)
capitalized board names are treated differently from lowercase ones 0.6 Can't fix as file names themselves are case sensitive
Triggers not firing around HOTA 0.5.2 Ruined end game!
Mouse repeat doesn't work, you have to click over and over Have no idea how to fix this
Change font size, and dialogs are not positioned over cells FF3 True if "Zoom Text Only" is not set, so probably a FAQ type thing
Can't load a scenario once you've made it There's now a feature to load a scenario from disk. 0.5
Can't save at different points in game Now you can rename your saved game to have multiple save points 0.5
Cannot pick up items thrown onto chest/crate/urn Default action when moving toward low objects is to pick up such items if they exist 0.5
Game swallows all key events, including events to control browser FF3+ No longer 0.4.3
InputManager does not regain focus after using mouse navigation Mac/FF3 Switched from focus panel to document event preview; fixed? 0.4.3
Don't see inventory message when there's more than 10 items on cell 0.4.2
Click on scroll in inventory, then click it again while dialog is open, strange behavior occurs FF3+ Game now accepts no input via mouse when it is paused 0.4.2
TOA: you can walk into the ocean and be trapped there (bee map) 0.4.2
Quest-providing NPCs too easy to kill or piss off NPCs with quests cannot be attacked and will no longer become hostile 0.4.2
Timer fires at frame 0 Now fires for first time at indicated frame 0.4.2
Font symbols wrong when Arial Unicode is not installed Win Switched to more widely supported symbols 0.4.2
Can't use "1" on French keyboard, <> on Spanish keyboard, > on Swedish keyboard, > just doesn't work Win Revised key mappings. Now p = pick up and z = go up/down. 0.4.2
hjkl in the docs are wrong 0.4.2