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29th July 2004: A statically linked binary version


excido is a free (GPL) game. It combines (simple|old school|arcadey) gameplay with 3D OpenGL graphics graphics and OpenAL positional audio. Excido is not a highly complex experience, but you may enjoy it as a small diversion. It uses a number of libraries (all of which are part of the Debian Unstable distribution):

If you lack some of these dependencies, try the binary release! It depends on OpenGL and SDL only.Well, and libz,libjpeg,libpng,libfreetype, but if you don't have those why would you even expect it to work?

I develop on a GNU/Linux OS, but most excido code should be as portable as the libraries - MacOS, win32, UNIX, *BSD. Reports of builds on other platforms would be a delight. Nothing has been tested outside of linux yet. Small changes will probably be required. See HACKING in package for latest info.


You'll need all the appropriate libraries/headers installed. Nothing so fancy as autoconf, so hack the makefile if it's not working. Don't forget to read INSTALL and README.

Compiling with recent OpenAL: Some recent releases of OpenAL require a small change: on the "LIBS" line of Makefile, change "-lopenal" to "-lopenal -lalut".

Binary x86 version for linux: try this first!

Source tarball
excido-0.1.5c-src.tar.bz2(~3.0MB)(md5sum) - 15th July 2004. New features:


Excido doesn't really use much beautiful art (apart from the skymap), so it's all in the motion. Imagine sweating as a evil-sounding swarm of buzzing enemies home in on you, and you have the general idea. Of course, you don't have to sweat if you don't want to.

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excido (0.1.5) excido (0.1.5)


Being not a graphics or sound guy, I scrounged media from various sources:

See data/CREDITS in the tarball for details of contributions.

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