Exit Strategy

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Finally, it happened, you have become God. Before you get a chance to wallow in your own greatness you realize people are quickly killing themselves upon hearing the news. These are your people, without hesitation taking their own lives! You must really suck....I mean...they're killing themselves. Anyways you get the idea here, it's your job to save them before it's too late.

Wacky physics plus fast action gameplay sets Exit Strategy above the rest. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?
Exit Strategy was developed on a PowerMac G5 with the help of Scott Lembcke and his physics library. Currently ES is untested on other platforms. ES uses open source technologies such as OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL, and SDL_Image to accomplish what you see.




> August 6th, 2005
First launch of the icculus.org Exit Strategy website and the open sourcing of Exit Strategy.


Grab the source via svn:

svn co svn://svn.icculus.org/exitstrategy/trunk/ exitstrategy



Exit Strategy was created over Derek Arndt's spring break (late March, 2004) in his free time. After seeing some physics demos produced by Scott Lembrcke (a friend) he decided wouldn't it be great to do a game off one demo involving a stick-figured ragdoll. At the end of spring break (a week later) Derek had the last 10% to finish (the 10% that takes forever), going back to school work Exit Strategy was shelved.

More then a year later Derek got back to work on Exit Strategy, open sourcing it for the world to play with. Being one of the early programming applications attempted by Derek, areas are sloppy and rather poorly done but nonetheless, the game is something he's proud of.

Derek is also terrible at using third-person.


Q: What platforms does ES run on?

A: Any Mace running Mac OS 10.3.9 and up should be able to handle the game.

Q: When will you support other platforms?

A: The source will need a few adjustments and I currently don't have a non-Mac to build and test the game on, but I'd very much like to see some ports happen.


Author Info

Derek Arndt has been doing game development on his mac for about two years now.