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Freyja Downloads

Package information

The current freyja release should do user data install for you. The lisp code that actually runs freyja and the icons, etc are stored in ~/.freyja or C:\freyja. This is like GIMP's dot file setup from the binary, so you can customize your install per user if you wish. If you upgrade you might wish to remove or backup ~/.freyja, since freyja for UNIX won't alter older or customized user files. Development snapshots may not always be packaged for system wide deployment, and often will be 'user install' snapshots in zip files.


You can get binary snapshots here. Plugin paks are here

Debian and Ubuntu users can download the deb packages here, or add add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list and apt-get as shown for your architecture. If you run '64bit' Ubuntu you would choose the AMD64 (x86_64) packages for example. PowerPC users should get the ppc64 packages.


deb ./
deb-src ./


deb ./
deb-src ./


deb ./
deb-src ./

# Use the following command to install:
apt-get install freyja libfreyja libhel libmgtk libtinyxml libluawrapper freyja-plugins


Source builds are semi supported from svn again with the new cmake build system. Read the section "Source code using Subversion" for how to get and build.

I dropped Cocoa# builds for X based gtk+, since I was unable to justify the extra effort to manage such a large subproject. Mach-o binaries are no longer provided. I also no longer have a means to maintain OS X support -- due to lack of access to OS X. This means you'll have to build from source yourself, and if it doesn't work send me logs. ;)


Binary snapshots for freyja and lineageII tools are available here. I've been informed these binaries work on Windows Vista as well.

Copy the freyja directory in the zipfile to C:\ to install.

I use mingw32 for cross compiling WIN32 inside a customized cross compiler environment. I now provide test snapshots of these builds on Windows XP. I still tend to do unit testing in Wine.

Source code using Subversion provides us with anonymous Subversion (SVN) access, and for now it's the only way to get Freyja in this developmental transition phase. There is also web interface for the SVN repository here.

Get a SVN client from Subversion. They also provide help using the client, and reasons why it's superior to CVS.

Anonymous SVN access:
Development svn co svn://

Building Ubuntu packages

This requires you have the 'package developer' packages installed:

apt-get install dpkg-dev debhelper

# Go to top level directory.
cd freyja_0.9.5

# Generate and build the packages.
make deb

# Optionally install the packages.
dpkg -i *.deb

Building for Windows

Windows is generally cross compiled for this project. Cross compiling for Windows still uses the old GNU Makefiles, since cmake doesn't yet support cross compiling. It's suggested you use my Win32 environment pak to build freyja for Windows, or you'd have to port and build all the libraries it provides yourself. The build system is designed around the mingw compiler to avoid having to support a half dozen compilers on Windows. It's free and the supporting library builds are easy to maintain for it as well. This means you need mingw.

The latest environment pak should always be available here.

Extract the pak into your freyja_0.9.5 directory. This should build a cross compiled / native mingw binaries for you magically with the commands below. If not you should ask help on the forum, or file a bug. Sometimes I forget to update a support library for the environment or some other issue.

# Go to top level directory.
cd freyja_0.9.5

# Build/cross compile freyja.
make win32

# Freyja will be in win32/freyja.
cd win32/freyja

Building from source ( general )

You need the following external packages to build:

  • cmake is required for native builds.
  • gtk+ 2.10 and its dependencies ( Legacy support down to gtk+ 2.6 )
  • gtkglext
  • libz
  • pthreads
  • libfreetype
  • liblua 5.1 - Required for scripting, UI, and plugins.
  • libjpeg - Optional JPEG image support.
  • libpng - Optional PNG image support.
  • libpython 2.4 - Optional macro and plugin language extention.

Now you have all those packages and the source checked out you can build. The following commands will build, setup, and run freyja.

# Build from the freyja_0.9.5 directory:
cmake .

# Copy user data needed to run.
cd freyja; sh

# Run from the build directory.

The tools build provides useful command line utilities such as:

  • freyjautil - batch libfreyja operations such as model format conversion.
  • freyjaimageutil - batch libfreyja image operations such as image format conversion.
  • bsa - extracts morrowind data from pak files
  • cull - platform independent raw split/extract.
  • lineageIIextract - batch extract Unreal SkeletalMesh as OBJ.
  • raw2riff - extract RIFF data from raw data.

# Optionally build tools:
cd tools && make