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This project aims to provide an interface to the Bullfrog Syndicate data files. This allow to extract sprites, missions properties, etc. It is written in C++ and compile on unices. This project also provide a documentation written in Latex (but readable as html or pdf) that describe the format of files.


A project named freesynd is a free implementation of the game, but the code that access data is hardly readable and maintainable. So i had the idea to develop a library that could be used by many programs (games, level editors for example), and that could provide a common interface to data.


When hobbyist programmer want to develop their game, creating the data part is not a peace of cake. So this library allow them to concentrate on the engine and the implementation of some new features (internet game, fullscreen, etc.).

At least, the documentation can be used for developping your own "data reader".


You can contact the author of this project at 'valefor at icculus dot org'.


Last update of this page the 30/09/2007.
Current release is 0.13.

Get it works !


For compiling ... you need :SDLDiaImageMagickLatexHeveaDoxygen
The code of the library
The manual as pdf XXX
The manual as html XX X
The API as html X
The sample code X


You can get the source as :

You should have an environment variable SYNDICATE_DATA_PATH that point to your data directory.

# export SYNDICATE_DATA_PATH=~/Syndicate/DATA

For compiling the library :

# cd libsyndicate
# ./configure [--enable-example] [--enable-doc-latex-pdf] [--enable-doc-latex-html] [--enable-doc-doxygen-html] [--enable-tool] [--enable-demo]
# make 

For checking the library :

# make check

For compiling example :

# cd example 
# make

For compiling Latex doc :

# cd doc/latex 
# make html
# make pdf
For compiling Doxygen doc :
# cd doc/doxygen
# make html


The directories 'demo' (and 'example') contains some example of code, but the API may change !



Source code


Data files

I think you should own a version of the original game to be able to have those files :


Other ressources that can help in ressources.


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