Lost Penguins

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Lost Penguins is planned to be a GPL'ed jump and run game like Lost Vikings. It can also be used as an engine for similar games. It's written in C++ and runs on Linux only at the moment. There still is a lot to be done, it's not really playable yet and a lot of graphics and sounds are missing. Help is appreciated! :)




Edit the Makefiles in src/ and src/objects/ to fit to your need (if the default doesn't work properly).

To get anything usefull you need the sounds and images from Lost Vikings as it's the only supported game at the moment. Additionally a map file and some other images are needed. Put all of it into a directory named data/. We will try to improve this in the furture using extraction scripts.

Run make lost_penguins and run ./lost_penguins -map (Mapfile).
Or run make install, edit your /usr/local/etc/lost_penguins.conf file and run lost_penguins.


Jonas Jermann (g0th): jjermann at gmx dot net, you can find me on irc (freenode)